Thank you!

Thanks for becoming a member, or renewing your membership, with the Friends of the Hill & Son Grand Organ for this year! Your information has been received – All you need to do now is make your payment! You will receive an email with instructions, but here they are below as well, in case you can’t wait!

Membership rates

You would have selected either Single or Couple/Family membership on the application form. The rates for each are:

SINGLE (one person) = $15 per year
COUPLE/FAMILY (more than one person residing at the same address) = $25 per year.


Simply visit your bank branch, or log into your internet/phone banking service, and transfer your membership payment  to the following details:

Account Name: Friends of the Hill & Son Grand Organ
Account BSB: 035 079 (Westpac)
Account No: 161981
Reference: Please use ‘membership’ and your family name, for e.g. ‘Membership Smith’.

Please allow 24 hours for the payment to be received.


Simply print off your email and post it to us along with your cheque for payment at:

Friends of the Hill & Son Grand Organ
Attn: Memberships
PO Box 1888
Gawler  SA  5118

If you cannot print off your email, simply write (clearly please!) your full name, address and email on a sheet of paper with the heading ‘Membership from the Website’ and pop that in the envelope with your cheque. (This way we can link your cheque to the right membership!)

We will add you to our list of current members, and make sure you receive communications of all our upcoming events, as well as our newsletter. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to email us at

We look forward to welcoming you to our next event!